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Dragon   General Discussion

Started Jun-6 by Rocky Mountain High (2wheelsforme); 638 views.
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Wayne bush from American Rides:

I’m attracted to Silversteen Road for it’s challenge – it’s every bit as twisty as the infamous Dragon at Deals Gap. In fact, it’s more difficult as the road seems a bit narrower and the pavement is not up to the quality you find at the Dragon. It sees very little traffic, but the trade off is you’ll find a few potholes and some gravel in the road where unpaved side roads and driveways connect to it. It also has some very sneaky descending radius turns you’ll want to be prepared for so you don’t get in over your head.

Photo-motorcycle-curves-on Sliversteen-Rd-NC

The curves on Silversteen Road never let up.

The ride holds a few scenic areas, particularly where it runs along the bank of what could be the Horsepasture River, but your eyes had better be on the road, not the scenery. It will give you all the challenge you want, maybe more.




pot holes and gravel make it more interesting anybody can be fast on a nice road, like the pothole on norman riley just north of the bridge, they fill it an it grows and its right in my line

Yep I always try and remember that pothole on NR.

I'm guessing you looked at it on Google Earth or Google Maps. Another of my back road favs is Charlies Creek Road. To the North of Silversteen and South of the BRP. Not much traffic out that way.

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