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From: Who, Me? (2wheelsforme)6/8/18 12:43 PM 
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Planning a trip to the Smokies next week, five days of "all day" in the saddle. Plenty of interstate, several sub par roads, some likely gravel, a little dirt, a few turn arounds and little time spent in restaurants or gas stations. The exception will be for the evening sipping of bourbon and partaking of rare cooked slabs of bovine. Curves and elevation changes will be abundant and some of the most outstanding roads that can be experienced in the area will be traversed as well as trying to stay away from the cager traffic that is usually associated with that tourist happy place. One of the results will be lots of back roads and the possible sound of fiddle music. Large majestic views and a waterfall or two will be bonuses. Safety will be as always of high importance and lots of miles will be covered so everyone will know where we are headed each day. All Riders will be considered self reliant therefore babysitting will not be offered and no criticism accepted. Depart the 15th and return the 19th. Motel rooms for a very small group are already booked. If you think you are up for this trip call me 748-3748 and will see if you can fit in on the reservations. Meet point is still undecided and will be posted later but KSU time will most likely be 8:00 followed by a super slab ride to North Georgia before finding some fun roads for the rest of the day. 

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From: Just David (gdhugh) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/8/18 3:54 PM 
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Unfortunately, I have a previously scheduled appointment which cannot be missed so I'll be going up Saturday morning. Call me if you want to ride up with me. Returning the same as above.


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From: LOKI (ZTOG)6/8/18 8:27 PM 
To: Who, Me? (2wheelsforme)  (3 of 14) 
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last time I went on one of your smokie rides was a great ride in spite of rain, anyone who can go should they won't be disapointed


From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/12/18 9:16 PM 
To: Who, Me? (2wheelsforme)  (4 of 14) 
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Sounds like a great trip. I am headed to Detroit in the truck. Moving some of Doc’s stuff in the trailer and then stopping by to see the grandkids on the return. Y’all have a great time. 

Gadget ??


From: Who, Me? (2wheelsforme)6/14/18 7:26 PM 
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From: Who, Me? (2wheelsforme)6/19/18 3:40 PM 
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Home and tired. Ron says he counted the turns we made on Saturday and came up with one million. Based on that, I figured Sunday we must have made at least 1 1/2 million turns. Plus about a dozen turn arounds. Add that to the other days and dang we left some rubber and some metal scrapes up that way. Things to know: If Ron puts on a rain suit it will quit raining. David is so slow a mobile home tried to run Him over after seeing an Ford Explorer make Him get out of the way. Maybe He is fast rather than slow because they both missed. Road Trip has an ice chest that makes both water and beer. We did have one time up in the hills really far on a tiny road with rain so hard you could only see about 5 feet so nothing to do but ride on just fast enough to keep the bike balanced. (we did not know about the rain coat thing yet) But anyway, many people would had to just stop on some dirt side road and stand in the rain until it stopped but we were able to ride out of it.

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From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/19/18 9:33 PM 
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Sounds like a great trip. Three 100K plus riders and one with the good sense to put on rain gear.....lol


From: Who, Me? (2wheelsforme)6/20/18 9:15 AM 
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We had great weather most of the time but did get rain several times but never for long. Yesterday on the way home David lead us and a great job he did with a fill up on the south of B-ham and not another stop until exit 69 when fuel was needed again. It was hot and to keep moving was the best plan. Sure made us miss the cool lower 60s in the mountains we had the last few days. 

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From: Ron (ron32514)6/20/18 10:46 AM 
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great trip thanks for the routes Mike I still don't know how you find some of the roads.  yep it rained so hard at one point we could not see more than the front fender.  on narrow roads you only meet another car in the curve proven. I think I underestimated the amount of curves, if i road up there all the time I would not wear out the center of my tires. Great time 


From: Who, Me? (2wheelsforme)6/20/18 1:37 PM 
To: Just David (gdhugh) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 14) 
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