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Intellectual Ammunition
by Tom Gresham
22 Mar 18

It's the stigmatization of gun owners. It's a public shunning. When national chains cancel their relationships with the NRA, it's public shaming. Make no mistake — the threats and comments about the NRA are about all gun owners — you and me. When the haters say "The NRA," they mean all gun owners. The goal is to marginalize us as has been done to other groups in history. They create "the other." We are not them. We are, in fact, not really human. When you have the opportunity to address this explain it this way. "It's a tactic used against blacks, Japanese-Americans, Jews in Europe, and the LBGT community. The systematic oppression of groups." (The order of the groups in this sentence is carefully crafted.)

Shunning and shaming a group manipulates the public to a point where they will imprison and even kill members of "the other." Witness the billboards which currently say "Kill The NRA." Hear them yell "Burn Her!" to Dana Loesch at the CNN "Town Hall Meeting." And we aren't even talking about the real death threats sent to NRA officials, promising or hoping to kill them and their children. Is this my imagination? Ask Congressman Steve Scalise and the Republican Congressmen who were targeted for assassination (and saved only by two officers who where there).

This started at least 25 years ago.

In 1994 (the year the Clinton Gun Ban was passed), Mark Rosenberg was the director of the National Center for Injury Prevention, a division of the National Centers for Disease Control. He admitted that the CDC "research" being done on firearms was designed to move public opinion (rather than actually study anything).

"We need to revolutionize the way we look at guns, like what we did with cigarettes," Said Rosenberg. "It used to be that smoking was a glamour symbol — cool, sexy, macho. Now it is dirty, deadly — and banned."

They want to portray us as different. Strange. Dangerous. That's just one of the reasons we must redouble our efforts to get more women into the shooting sports and also training with guns for self protection. It's nearly impossible for the banners to paint women as paranoid. Same with the Pink Pistols — the national LBGT group of shooters.




The Stigmatization Of Gun Owners
by Tom Knighton
18 Mar 18

In the last month, we’ve heard a lot of horrible things about the NRA. It’s important to understand a few things that are taking place that may not be obvious, however. These are things that directly impact you as a gun owner and as a gun rights supporter.

First, let’s understand that when one of the Parkland kids or some other gun control advocate says “NRA,” they’re using that as a proxy. They mean every one of us. They lump us in as the NRA only because it’s the biggest group of us, but make no mistake; they’re talking about every single gun owner. After all, how many NRA supporters would stop support gun rights if they stopped being members? None. That’s because the NRA is reflective of the membership, not the other way around. They may or may not get that. But, it’s worth remembering that the NRA means all of us, regardless of membership.

So whenever someone says the NRA has blood on its hands, it means we have blood on our hands. When some progressive governor claims the NRA is a terrorist organization, he’s saying we are terrorists. These insults aimed at the NRA are really aimed at every single one of us.

And when they do talk about us directly, it’s rarely flattering. Progressives claim we’re “stockpiling” guns. They claim we’re doing it because we’re afraid of black people. Then again, a number still think we’re racist, too. Others will claim that we think gun control is an attack on our masculinity.

And they’re aimed at us for a specific purpose.

You see, they’re trying to stigmatize gun ownership. Progressives want to make it taboo to own a gun, or at least to talk about it. The idea is to shift public opinion to such a point that something once socially acceptable — owning a gun — is now socially unacceptable. Then, people will either keep quiet or they’ll be pushed out into the fringes of society.

Basically, to use their terminology, they’re trying to “other” us.

You see, when you successfully “other” a group, you’re capable of doing any horrible thing. You essentially classify a group as something other than human, thus it becomes easy to commit atrocities against those people. It’s how the Nazis were able to do such terrible things to the Jews. They’d already “othered” them to such a great degree.

The idea is to do the same to us.

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The difference being, we’re a self-selected group. People choose to be gun owners. That means we can decide to be non-gun owners as well.

Thus, they try to demonize us. Progressives paint us as terrorists and child murderers. They claim we’re responsible for every atrocity despite the fact that the majority of us have done nothing wrong and vehemently oppose anyone committing these horrific crimes.

After that is accomplished, they try to silence us. They lash out and try to de-platform us, take away our ability to speak. Remember those walkouts earlier this week? Remember how it was all about kids exercising their free speech? It wasn’t about that. It was about pushing one particular line of argument that guns are bad. Look what happened when one kid tried to present a different viewpoint.



This wasn’t just a single case of this either. Conservative actor Nick Searcy reported a similar case on his Facebook page.



In other words, it wasn’t about free speech. It was about a certain kind of speech. Those with a contrary point of view were punished. They’re trying to silence them.

It’s like people lashing out that the NRA had the nerve to post a pro-gun picture on Twitter on Wednesday. They’re supposed to be silent so they can be “othered,” for crying out loud.

Meanwhile, high school students are punished for The goal is to purge the gun owner as a factor from American politics. Although, I’d be surprised to find many admitting it.

When we say “not one more inch,” we mean it.


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Down Range Radio #562: The Stigmatization of Gun Owners

This week, Michael Bane talks about how the left has changed tactics in the gun control debate. He also talks about new guns arriving in the Secret Hidden Bunker…

Podcast: Play in new window | Download
(Duration: 46:10 — 21.1MB)



"You see, when you successfully “other” a group, you’re capable of doing any horrible thing. You essentially classify a group as something other than human, thus it becomes easy to commit atrocities against those people. It’s how the Nazis were able to do such terrible things to the Jews. They’d already “othered” them to such a great degree.

The idea is to do the same to us."

LET's all adopt another bit of terminology from the Left — "woke." When the left uses the term "woke," what they mean is to suddenly become aware of the reality around reality. My favorite definition is from the Urban Dictionary:

"Getting woke is like being in the Matrix and taking the red pill. You get a sudden understanding of what's really going on and find out you were wrong about much of what you understood to be truth."

FINALLY, gun owners are "getting woke" to the reality around the reality. What do I mean by that? Here's a handy bullet-point list:

• The Left desires complete civilian disarmament...there are and never were "common sense" gun laws or "gun safety" laws.
• Left wants disarmament because they want CONTROL.…to borrow phraseology from the brilliant Leonard Cohen, "Give me absolute control, over every living soul…come lay beside me baby, that's an order."
• The problem for the Left is that the 2A message of personal responsibility, which will always be at odds with authoritarian fascist (but I repeat myself), is deeply rooted in the Gun Culture.
• Q.E.D., that offending culture must be destroyed, completely eradicated, as the spiritual fathers of the Left — the Nazis — tried with the Jews.
• The Left is now coming to the realization, as their spiritual fathers did decades ago, that to eradicate a culture, you have to destroy its people.
• When you see calls like "Death to the NRA," "All gun owners have blood on their hands," NRA members/gun owners should be "hauled into the streets and killed" — all of which we have seen in the last few weeks — what you are really seeing is bloody chum being tossed into the water in the hopes of summoning a Monster to do their bidding.
• But "Chumming for Monsters" is only the first step. Somehow, there are never enough monsters to go around and sooner or later the Left will have to get its hands dirty…as they have in every single Leftist takeover in history. We can see the nascent beginnings of this phase in the Antfa and BLM movements, as well as the active and violent suppression of free speech on college campuses.
• The call for "gun control" has metastasized from a difference of opinion between two groups of citizens to an all out culture war.
• Our enemies don't want our acquiesce, they want us dead.

PEOPLE, STAY "WOKE!" There's a reason the pill is "Red."

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Anti-Gun Forces Seek To Divide Hunters From Other Gun Owners
by Tom Knighton
27 Mar 18

In their continuing effort to stigmatize gun owners, one of the first things anti-gunners have to do is divide us. After all, we’re a pretty sizeable percentage of the population. With 300 million+ guns in a country of just over 330 million people, it’s safe to say there are a lot of gun owners. Yes, many of us own more than one gun, but it’s not like five guys in a Dodge Durango own all 300 million firearms.

True to form, at least one liberal is trying to paint the NRA and hunters as natural enemies.

The best thing for hunters would be the erosion of the National Rifle Association’s clout, which suddenly looks possible amid widespread protests calling for new gun laws.

This past fall, I needed a specific tool for my muzzleloader and blackpowder season was a few days out. My friend and I were running errands and finding said tool became a bit of an odyssey. We stopped at no less than four gun shops before giving up.

Throughout our tour, my friend — who doesn’t hunt but isn’t opposed to firearms — grew increasingly uncomfortable with the aggressive messaging that targeted people like us.

Through signs, clothing, stickers and even conversations at the counter, the message was hostile and clear. There are two types of citizens: “Real Americans,” who are all-in with NRA scripture. And then there’s the rest of society, the enemy.

We were the latter, among the solid majority that, polls show, favor stricter gun laws.

The precipitous decline in hunters poses a very real issue for all of society as conservation funds dry up. It’s no coincidence that the public face of NRA shifted from your kindly hunting instructor to something much more menacing as the number of hunters dropped nationwide. Like any organization, the NRA’s primary goal is the promulgation of its own existence. And the growing economic frustration particularly among rural Americans was begging to be tapped.

The NRA no longer speaks for hunters. But it also dictates the terms within which the very tools of hunting are debated.

I can’t speak definitively about the NRA’s supposed shift, mostly because I have only faint recollections of it.

However, anyone who thinks hunters would benefit from the demise of the NRA is deluded. The reality is that attempts to divide hunters from the rest of the gun owning crowd is tactical, even if some of the people doing it don’t realize it.

You see, hunting is a pastime that most Americans are fine with. Only a handful of animal rights activists oppose it, and most people understand that you need a gun to hunt.

By telling hunters repeatedly that they’re not the target of gun control efforts, they seek to drive a wedge in between hunters and the rest of us. They want to cut them out of our number because they know that if they can exclude hunters, stigmatizing gun owners is that much easier. You see, you’ll never successfully stigmatize all of us at one time.

Right now, the effort is to push for the AR-15 owners to be outcasts. They want us excluded, pushed away into the fringes of society. There are, at least in their mind, fewer AR-15 owners than hunters. Next, it will be something else. My guess is that it will be an assault on concealed carry, since that group also counts for a smaller percentage of the population than hunters.

Through it all, the hunters who buy into this will sit there all happy. They’ll rest easy knowing they’re the “good” kind of gun owners…until it happens.

One day, someone without access to handguns or modern sporting rifles will decide it’s time to shoot up the town. They’ll now be forced to go old school and follow the lead of Charles Whitman.

If you don’t recall the name, Charles Whitman is the man who gunned down 17 people including a pregnant woman and injured 31 others, making it the third worst school massacre in American history, surpassing Parkland primarily due to the larger number of people injured. Whitman conducted his attack with an assortment of weapons, most of which were old bolt-action rifles.

Pretty much his entire arsenal would have passed the current assault weapon ban being considered in Congress.

Someday, if the anti-gunners get their way before then, someone is going to conduct a similar attack. They’ll kill a lot of people, and a populace already used to giving up rights they don’t exercise will concede that hunting rifles have to go too. They’ll be called something else, something like “sniper rifle” due to the deadly attack, and suddenly hunters will find themselves in our shoes.

That is, unless these hunters who are buying into this wise up.

Yes, the NRA doesn’t sit around and talk about hunting as much these days. That’s because there are other things at stake, possibly more important things. I say that as a hunter myself. If we don’t hold the line, it’s only a matter of time before we’re left with nothing worth having. The Second Amendment will be as eroded as the Tenth.

So no, the death of the NRA wouldn’t be a benefit to hunters. It’ll be a detriment to each and every gun owner in the country, even if they don’t agree with the NRA much of the time.


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Repeal and Silence - The Gun Control Agenda
by Julie Golob
28 Mar 18

It has been a challenging few weeks for those who support the Second Amendment. Backed by gun control organizations and covered by the media, many took to the streets and stood behind the mic in protest on Saturday. Their message? To a lawful gun owner, it was scattered yet direct:

For every person who said ‘We want “common sense gun reform,” you got somebody else who said ‘it’s time to repeal the Second Amendment.’
The actual message is a bit confused, other than ‘We don’t like guns and we don’t like gun owners.'”

Source: Commentary: Could #MarchForOurLives be a setback for gun control?

Mixed in with chants of “Hey, Hey, NRA — How many kids did you kill today?” and signage such as “NRA = Murder” and “The NRA Supports Terrorists,” the sentiment that innocent American citizens are to blame was loud and clear. If you don’t support March for Our Lives, you are “on notice.” The thoughts, prayers, and kindness most often associated with healing are not welcome, as exploited emotions fester, infected by willful ignorance and attention from anti-gun celebrities with their armed bodyguards.

You may have seen my recent article in America’s 1st Freedom. “Gun Ownership Up, Accidental Shootings Fall” addresses how firearm ownership has risen to an all-time high while accidental shooting deaths have fallen 48% since 1999. With millions of guns and gun owners in America, we are working on education, not ineffective laws, to prevent accidents, theft, and death.

When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile,” Delaney Tarr.

Now we face a whole new challenge. From this most recent movement, we have finally seen the truth. It isn’t just a mobilized effort to remove our rights with extreme calls to repeal the Second Amendment, but an attempt to silence us as well.

As I wrote in 1st Freedom, “the success our gun community has with connecting one gun owner to another might be ignored, but it cannot be denied. We don’t rely on “personal” truths, but the real truth based on facts and statistics. As social media begins to regulate the gun owner, we need to find ways to keep connecting. We must be willing to keep the conversation going by sharing facts and experiences — not for mere social acceptance but to maintain our way of life.”

As a professional shooter and influencer consider all product information I share on this blog sponsored content. All views and opinions expressed here are all mine and do not represent those of my employers or sponsors.

Be safe & have fun!


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Natalie Foster talks about the negative stigma that the media attaches to gun owners.
Episode Transcript

I don't know about you, but I've always fancied myself as one of the good guys. I volunteer, I donate to good causes, I even recycle. I wear the white hat. I stand up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people regardless of what color your skin is or who you pray to or which gender you prefer, or any other factor which makes you feel alienated. I don't care because I believe deep down that each person is created equally and should be given a fair shot at life.

I'm a lot of things, but I will tell you what I am not. I am not paranoid or a fear-monger. So why all of the sudden am I made to feel as if I am those things, even the epitome of evil when I watch the news? What authority do these people have; those who would ridicule or shame me for being a gun owner? Owning guns is still legal in this country.

So for those non-gun owners out there, let me explain to you who gun owners really are. We love our families and our friends and we have worked very hard for everything we hold dear, including in many cases your freedom. We don’t make the news, at least probably not the news you watch, so you won’t hear much about us and what we do to help other people. But we live our lives with a deep devotion to life, to preserving it. We're not criminals.

We are law-abiding citizens — statistics prove that. But I will tell you that ridiculous laws that boil down to nothing more than publicity stunts for politicians for a ratings boost; they are making us criminals, that we haven't changed a thing about the way we live. With the sweep of a pen we are suddenly no longer obeying the law. Ayn Rand once said, "One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." And that is exactly what we are seeing today in states like Connecticut, and New York, and California.

People who would defend your life and your loved ones are being told now that they face jail time, though they have done absolutely nothing wrong. These overbearing laws are threatening not just the rights for those of us who own guns, but for every citizen of this nation. If they strip away one amendment, you can be sure others will follow.

Think about this: Edmund Burke famously said that, "All evil needs to thrive is for good men to do nothing." See, that’s why we're so passionate to stand up for the Second Amendment — because it protects every one of those rights. And it's not just standing up for gun rights, it's for all of them: our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, our right to vote.

So when you hear the media frame us negatively, before you buy into it, I would ask that you simply look a little deeper and learn about who we really are.


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