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FTP Configuration    Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 10/3/01 by Judy (MissDixieLee); 3617 views.

From: Anuk_Ausar


I just signed up for DelphiPlus.

I downloaded the freeware version of WS-FTP, installed, and ran it. I filled out all of the information according to the instructions given on Delphi's FTP Configuration help page.

I then clicked "OK" and a series of messages down the bottom left of the status bar appeared that resulted in the following error message in red type:

"...530 Not logged in.
!Logon failure, so quitting"

I triple checked everything (including my member name and password) and repeated the steps several times, and got the same error message, so I still can't get my web page set up.

What's the problem?


From: WaltHowe


If you tried it immediately after signing up, it may not have had time to spread through all the servers. Try it again today and see if it makes a difference. If you haven't logged off in between, do so before you try.

Review your settings against this page:

If you still have problems, let us know. The DelphiPlus Forum is the best place to bring problems like this:

Walt Howe Training Specialist


From: Anuk_Ausar



Do you have WS-FTP on your computer?

To find out, click on the "Start" button, and place the arrow on "Programs." A panel will "fly out" to the right with a list of all the programs on your computer in alphabetical order. If you have WS-FTP on your computer it should appear at or near the end of this list.

If it's on your list, then place the arrow over "WS-FTP" and another much smaller box will "fly out" with a list of options. Put the arrow on the "WS-FTP" option and click once. The program should start and you should see the set up screen.

If it's not on your computer you will have to either download a copy from, or purchase an FTP program from the store and install it. I got the freeware version off of CNET at no charge, but I am still having trouble getting going with it.

Hope this helps.


From: Anuk_Ausar


Hello Walt, and thank you for your response.

I checked my settings against the page per your instructions, and everything is exactly as it should be, but I get the exact same error message.

What now?


From: WaltHowe


Do you see DelphiPlus links on the left side of your My Forums page?

Walt Howe Training Specialist


From: Anuk_Ausar


Hello Walt.

Yes I did check the links on the left side of my forum's page, but none of them were helpful.

The problem is now moot, however, because I discovered what the problem was quite by accident. As it turned out, for some reason my password wasn't being accepted, so I got a new one from Delphi, and things worked out okay.

I also used Paul McBride's links to the web based FTP software, which is more user friendly than WS-FTP, and along with his excellent instructions, made the whole thing a lot less painful to use.

Not that it's your responsibility, but I am wondering why it is that the documentation on how to use DelphiPlus so poor? The FAQ section is of very limited use, especially to people who are new to computing like MISSDIXIE who may not even know that they need to install a separate FTP program. I went to the DephiPlus Members' Forum and a several people have complained about their inability to get their web pages up and running after paying their $$. The best help comes from people other than Delphi employees who have been spending a lot of their own uncompensated time helping people trouble shoot. It's unfortunate that there are no CLEAR instructions on what to do next after signing up. Web savvy techies might think that the links on the forum page provide all the info people need, but that is far from the reality for most people.

Please pass these concerns along to management if you are able.

Once again, thanks for your responses.

Since you found Paul's page helpful, have you visited his hangout? Users helping users.



From: Anuk_Ausar


Yes I found it. Thanks a lot.

Walt since you posted this that document has been lost, will soon be getting ws_ftp the current version and setting that up.
This document is no longer available and may hold the answer to my question.