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Pop ups   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 6/29/17 by Paul (Kwihnai); 11364 views.

From her previous post

>>>I can get to my own forum, but when I do go in it turns out I am a Guest.  Every time I have to go from there to MY FORUMS and go in by that link for my forum.<<<

Hi Paul, the thread here has gone off on another topic but I wanted to check if you were able to get rid of this pop up?

If yes, ignore this below.

You and I had been focusing on removing the cookie that causes this but as you noted it keeps coming back. So I did a bit of poking around and saw this

In that discussion the pop ups were occurring when the poster was on Facebook. It seems the solution was to remove apps from Facebook.

Obviously Delphi does not have apps but that is not to say one isn't running in the background or has been opened prior to your viewing Delphi. It might be worth it to go through the apps on your iPad and remove certainly any unused ones, but any that were not on your iPad to begin with. I remove mine and then can reinstall when I need them (saves space on my phone) If you have data on any of those though please check to see if you will lose that data (probably)

After do a clear history and website data sweep and reboot your iPad.

Just a suggestion!

Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Thanks for the info , the only luck i have had  is to clear the website data and  history and do the same in the advanced section and delete all of it one at a time   That  has brought the popus down to a dull roar but has  not stopped them.   I deleted every app on my ipad that I could some you can't . I also turned off all features in the Safari section and all,of the general , notifications also.  Haven't of anything ese but will pass on what i find.

thanks paul

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From: murko


I have an issue that's not really a pop-up per se, since it takes over tha actual tab or window that Delphiforums is occupying, but I guess it's an ad-issue of sorts that I would like to address.

(Also, this only happens on delphiforums tab and that maes me think the issue lies in here somewhere)

EDIT: for mods only. trying to make links "read only" and made them unclickable, I hope

5o4f8.2568786 .com 
5o4f8.2568786 .com/?s1=hbr&kw=&noexit=1
5o4f8.2568786 .com/?s1=hbr&kw={SOURCE}

Several times a day some of these URLs takes over my delphiforums tab and starts opening new tabs with ads over and over again. These three seems to be the root of the "problem" and I actually ended up putting the URL in my hosts file to avoid 300 ads opening up one after another.

Still the URL opens and points me away from my delphiforums, making me hit backspace to get back in to Delphi, several times a day.

Could you please check some of your ads and see if you can find any of these culprits?
I'm a non-paying customer so I get why I get to see ads, but this is just to much.

  • Edited August 16, 2017 9:30 am  by  murko
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You have a virus, an ad here might be triggering the pop ups. What is the ad for (I don't want to click the link)


From: murko


Searched the computer with 4 different AV and none of them detects any viruses and it only happens here on delphi.
(and yes, sorry. Wasn't ment to be clickable links. Maybe I can edit that. Was only trying to inform of the URL;s)

They all lead to casino, free spins, lottery crap etc etc.

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Are you on a mobile device or computer... which operating system? Editing to ad - sorry I just reread your post and you said computer! :)

Don't worry about the links being clickable - it's great that you included them.

Virus might not be the right word, we seem to have so many words for things these days. A lot of this crap gets downloaded along with other software/apps. Another member and I were finding the same offer popping up when we'd visit sites (he this one, Delphi and me another) on our ipad/iphones I could see it was tied to a cookie on my system but it repeatedly came back. Eventually is stopped happening with me but I think he continued to have the problem.

I was going to see if I could hunt down a removal method for you but I'd need a bit more info about your system or device and the pop up itself (name of the casino or any test that appears on the ad would help)

The ads at Delphi like many sites are provided by an ad service. They use thousands of ads. I only suspect that is what might trigger the pop up blizzard. Pop ups are not a part of Delphi or it's ad suppliers normal operation. @Gunter can you confirm that.

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I don't think this is the same one but it explains it a bit better

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sorry for butting in...have you tried Malwarebytes? Also, try to empty your Internet cache/history. If you use Chrome, just clear Browsing Data (chrome://history/) from the Beginning of Time (much safer). Also, go to Control Panel--->Internet Options. Go to Security tab and search inside Trusted Sites (click Sites). Sometimes these nasty malwares insert themselves as a Trusted Site.

From: ABAman1



I came across this thread as I am now experiencing the same continuous pop up as Paul and was wondering if was ever resolved. I only get this on my Ipad (never my PC) and only on the Delphi Forums site. It does not matter which particular forum - I get them on all, including this one. But here’s an interesting twist - I only get the pop up when connected to my WiFi, which is making me wonder whether the problem is in my IPad or my router, which may have become infected.

If you can kindly update me on any progress from your side it would be appreciated. I am considering changing my router, but would first like to see if you have any input.

Thank you,