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Unstable chat - regular boots?   Chat

Started 7/31/17 by edtNZ; 6429 views.

From: gunter


thanks for the report ....


From: Kakes2


You're welcome.


From: edtNZ


HI Gunter,

As Kakes says its happening to others in Seniors HIdeaway.

I would agree with Kakes that the boot frequency has diminished over the past few days but is still

not entirely solved?

Regards edtNZ

UPDATE : First boot of the day in Seniors Hideaway 10:42am Saturday NZ time ( 6:42pm Friday EST)

Using Firefox and zeta.

  • Edited August 4, 2017 6:45 pm  by  edtNZ

I have fun bug testing in that chatroom so I spent some time there tonight. I only noticed a hiccup (pause, no boot) at 10:53pm EST

huge lag in that last message posting

In reply toRe: msg 20

I'll delete these if they are a problem but there is still a lag...

OK so they stream music the details on are the start page. (I was using the link for Windows Media Player) The lag if it's not happening to others tonight was after I close the chat room but still had the stream up. the DJ from their chat closed down shortly after. I cleared my cache before and after the stream ended (and I closed the player, WMP down) and it took me closing and reopening FF (on Windows 10) for the lag to leave.

edtNZ who is reporting the problem in this thread says he uses Windows 10 and the Windows Media Player. The DJ (djrendercat) said he has been kicked out of chat when he's been streaming but also when he has not. So it could have zero baring on their problem. But it might be worth passing on to tech.

I totally don't mind testing in their chat room... just need to buy more wine lol


From: gunter


Streaming may then be related to this, perhaps hogging resources? 

Curious to know when the boots happen, is it for everyone at the same time?  If I understand this right, streaming is totally separate from the chat unit itself, just going through their  browsers.

Try some box wine if you haven't done so, there are some really good ones and not that expensive.

thanks for all the details ...