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Unstable chat - regular boots?   Chat

Started 7/31/17 by edtNZ; 6709 views.

I have fun bug testing in that chatroom so I spent some time there tonight. I only noticed a hiccup (pause, no boot) at 10:53pm EST

huge lag in that last message posting

In reply toRe: msg 20

I'll delete these if they are a problem but there is still a lag...

OK so they stream music the details on are the start page. (I was using the link for Windows Media Player) The lag if it's not happening to others tonight was after I close the chat room but still had the stream up. the DJ from their chat closed down shortly after. I cleared my cache before and after the stream ended (and I closed the player, WMP down) and it took me closing and reopening FF (on Windows 10) for the lag to leave.

edtNZ who is reporting the problem in this thread says he uses Windows 10 and the Windows Media Player. The DJ (djrendercat) said he has been kicked out of chat when he's been streaming but also when he has not. So it could have zero baring on their problem. But it might be worth passing on to tech.

I totally don't mind testing in their chat room... just need to buy more wine lol


From: gunter


Streaming may then be related to this, perhaps hogging resources? 

Curious to know when the boots happen, is it for everyone at the same time?  If I understand this right, streaming is totally separate from the chat unit itself, just going through their  browsers.

Try some box wine if you haven't done so, there are some really good ones and not that expensive.

thanks for all the details ...

gunter said:

Streaming may then be related to this, perhaps hogging resources?

It might be I have to test more

gunter said:

Curious to know when the boots happen, is it for everyone at the same time?

Nope in fact they've made a game out of who will get picked on by Delphi tonight and it seems to be a different person each time but almost always someone lol Except of course when I was there. The DJ (djrendercat) gave a good description and it sounds a lot like it was a long while back. With the chat program itself reconnecting and the member entering as a ghost (kidmagnet2) and leaving.

gunter said:

If I understand this right, streaming is totally separate from the chat unit itself, just going through their browsers.

Yes, which is why they ruled it out as a problem and did not add that detail. The two members I talked to last night have said that running CC cleaner helps and indeed deleting my temp files helped but only after closing and reopening the browser. I have not used CC cleaner before so I don't know if that is part of the process. too. It's happening across systems - different browsers and different OS and different media players. The guy using Linux is not going to be using Windows Media Player. When I had the hiccup in chat last night I was using VLC


From: Kakes2


Hi, may I interject my none technical observations on what may be happening.  As far as the streaming is concerned, we have offered music since Seniors opened in 2006, without booting being an issue. My personal opinion, and what I've observed, this recent problem seems to be a combination of what device the person is using along with browser, and OS and chat client. I use a desktop, Firefox, Windows 7 and zeta chat and only have been disconnected from chat 3 times over the past two months. Whereas, those using phones, iPads, Netbooks etc seem to be getting the boot over and over again.  Unfortunately,  edt is the only person in our room who is vocal about this problem.  You are correct in saying it's happening across systems but I cannot keep track of everyone's information to report here.  The old saying,  "You can lead a horse to water, but cannot make him drink" best describes what I am up against when advising those who complain night after night about an unstable connection.  We have several chatters who work at IT techs and one that owns his own business, and they have advised these folks night after night on what to do to no avail.

I would like to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come into our room to "test" the bug. It's like anything else, the bug does not show up while you are there.  The only other information I can add is when this happens the person is booted from the room, immediately comes back in but sees a "disconnection message with a code" upon their return.  I only shows for the person being booted.  I believe in one of Edt previous messages here , he gave the message he sees.  Since I do not see it, I cannot give you an example. 

Once again , thank you so much for your help.


From: edtNZ


HI Gunter,

I have never associated the booting with streaming music in Seniors Hideaway.

For long periods I dont stream and still get booted.

Also I chat in Rockin' at the Dragons Lair, no music stream and get booted there too.

The streamed music is from a totally different server to Delphi.

 Desktop PC. Windows 10 fully updated, i3 CPU 4 gig ram Firefox browser and zeta.

Regards edtNZ