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Unstable chat - regular boots?   Chat

Started 7/31/17 by edtNZ; 6697 views.
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From: edtNZ


Hi Gunter,

Yes am using zeta.

Things are a tad more stable with Firefox though I have still been booted with that.

Will sit out my afternoon in Seniors Hideaway using Firefox and zeta and see what happens?

Will update you later.

Thank You Regards edtNZ

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I'm not sure if this is related but I have been noticing more disconnects with the Live Story feature. (Windows 10 and 7 with Firefox)


From: edtNZ


Hi Kidmagnet and Gunter,

I chatted in Seniors Hideaway in my afternoon (Late evening EST) using Firefox and zeta and only got booted  twice...moved to Rockin at the Dragons Lair late in my afternoon with the same browser/zeta chat combo and got booted once in the first 30 mins of being in chat.

SO.... my opinion is that Firefox is more stable than Chrome but it doesnt entirely solve the problem?

Regards from a wet wintery night in New Zealand edtNZ


From: gunter


Tech did some work on Live Story and Chat disconnects.

let us know if you notice anything different ...

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From: edtNZ


HI gunter,

I have just begun my chat day here in New Zealand. Its 11.02am Wednesday thats 7.02pm Tuesday EST

Ty to Tech for the work they did. I am back to my prefered browser Chrome and zeta

We shall see how chat goes today?.

Thankyou for your reply

Regards from a sunny, cold wet winters day here in NZ edtNZ

UPDATE: Kakes the room owner at Seniors Hideaway convinced me to use Firefox, so after sorting a bookmark issue I am trying FF today for chat. Will report back later in my day.

UPDATE: after an afternoons chatting in Seniors Hideaway and a later move to Rockin at the Dragons Lair i can report things were more stable with Firefox, only got booted once this afternoon.

  • Edited August 2, 2017 12:13 am  by  edtNZ
In reply toRe: msg 6

I noticed that there is only one of me now :)


From: Kakes2


You are not alone.  There are others experiencing the same thing but no matter how much I try to get them to post here, they remain silent. They figure I will post it for them.  Sighs ..... the problem still exists.

Sorry Kakes - I should have been clearer... I meant I was not ghosting back in as kidmagnet2, kidmagnet3 and I was only referring to the Live Story when uses chat components.


From: Kakes2


Oh no problem Kid  -  at least gunter will see there is still a problem with the disconnect in chat. Sometimes a misunderstanding works out for both parties :)

  • Edited August 2, 2017 8:52 am  by  Kakes2

From: edtNZ


HI Gunter,

Update on my chat situation. Its 1:10pm Friday here in New Zealand and I have been chatting since 9:45am

in Seniors Hideaway using Firefox and zeta. Two boots so far today.

While Firefox seems to be more stable than Chrome it does not entirely solve the problem?

Having said that the number of boots in a chat day have reduced considerably.

Regards edtNZ

UPDATE: Now 3:49pm NZ time and I have moved to Rockin at the dragons lair.

So far have been booted 3 times today using Firefox and zeta.

Just prior to the boots I would type a post and it wouldnt show in the room? This is a new symptom.

Regards edtNZ

UPDATE: 4:05pm NZ time.  Just bounced in Rockin at the dragons lair...Firefox and zeta

  • Edited August 4, 2017 12:05 am  by  edtNZ