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Unstable chat - regular boots?   Chat

Started 7/31/17 by edtNZ; 6424 views.

From: edtNZ


HI Gunter,

Yes, no streaming in Seniors Hideaway and still get booted.

And to reiterate the point I also chat in Rockin' at the Dragons Lair, with no streaming and get

booted there as well.

Thank You for your attention to this matter.

Regards edtNZ

UPDATE : Just ran Belarc Advisor to see if I had hyperthreading, I do. My desktop should be fine to multi task.

See results below...

3.33 gigahertz Intel Core i3 560
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
4096 kilobyte tertiary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Hyper-threaded (4 total)

  • Edited August 6, 2017 10:23 pm  by  edtNZ
In reply toRe: msg 33
OK I am off on another long shot again but do you log in on the Delphi Home page before you got to chat? Or do you have a bookmark that leads elsewhere (if you do, can you check the properties of that bookmark and the exact address please)

From: edtNZ


Hi Kidmagnet,

I use a bookmark to log on to seniors hideaway and generally have no issues.

Very occasionally this doesnt work and I log on through the delphi home page

Regards edtNZ

In reply toRe: msg 35

Being you are so helpful ed when you have those bumping problems could you maybe note how you came in that day. And if you still have the Delphi Home page up. I think I am chasing a red herring but ya never know.

Live Story and the Home Page event thingy use the chat server. There are some "special characters" on forum names and story titles. The Live Story set up in the forum ignores those characters so they do not appear in links and things. So I don't think they'd make a difference but... they do rotate and that page does not load a different set until the page is refreshed. Which you'd have to do manually.

So if those characters DO affect things it could be affecting those that came to the Home page and clicked the link to their chatroom from there. Every time a special character appeared on the server you are on it would be like someone smacking you on the back of the head. WHAP!

Or not - just a theory.

CC to gunter

I'm sorry I keep falling asleep after work and missing chat. Have there still been problems the last couple of days? (Please pass my apologies on to render, he's been most helpful and I feel bad having flaked out when I was hoping to be there)

CC to edtNZ

From: edtNZ


Hi Kidmagnet,

Yes the usual boots today.. I spent a full day in chat with the occasional break for chores.

Firefox and zeta with my usual bookmark to seniors hideaway home page and chat from there.

The symptoms where... apparent freeze on chat, post and not show for me, either a refresh or a boot,

going again...happened 4 times today across Seniors Hideaway, Pengys place and rocking in the Dragons lair

Didnt stream music once today.

Regards edtNZ

In reply toRe: msg 39
edtNZ said:

Seniors Hideaway, Pengys place and rocking in the Dragons lair

Thank you - good to know that it's happening in several chat rooms (probably all but people are so used to it they are just rolling along I suspect)


From: Kakes2


Ah, no problem. Your ears must have been burning, because I saw a few people asking for you last night, they miss you. You made a positive impression on them. :)  As for render, I will pass on your apologies, but he had an emergency last night and was not there either. He is a good resource. As for the booting, yes it continues but not as often. I have noticed that sometimes when a person first enters the room they get bounced in and out a couple times before their name is stable in the room.  Ed is doing a  good job on keeping  you up to date one his experience which is probably the same for the others.  Again, thank you so much for taking an interest in this issue.

Kakes2 said:

I have noticed that sometimes when a person first enters the room they get bounced in and out a couple times before their name is stable in the room.

These are actual bumps? Not just people going in and out?