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Unstable chat - regular boots?   Chat

Started 7/31/17 by edtNZ; 6724 views.
edtNZ said:

Other chatters have an unstable chat experience in Seniors, as Kakes says its hard to get them to voice their issues.

The last one I saw was on Saturday night and it appeared to be a problem with them initially entering the room. The name had been booted in and out and once it was in the room again it actually flicker before disappearing. They likely gave up after that.


From: edtNZ


Hi Gunter, Just a quick update on my recent chat experiance.

Things have been very stable for me over the last few days in Seniors Hideaway. On average I get booted once or twice every two or three days.

However the same cannot be said for Rockin at the Dragons Lair.

I move there at 4:00pm NZ time to wait for my chat friend zenCAN to arrive. While waiting, and not chatting I get booted 2 or 3 times in 30 mins. Chat inactivity may be the key?

Regards from a bleak cold winters afternoon in New Zealand edtNZ

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From: gunter


Inactivity may a reason. Thanks for the details.

I think today is the last hot day of the year here in New York.

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edtNZ said:

While waiting, and not chatting I get booted 2 or 3 times in 30 mins. Chat inactivity may be the key?

That's been my experience - sadly I spend a lot of time alone in chat rooms (testing lol lo lol )


From: edtNZ


HI gunter,

An update as I have not posted in 25 days. Chatting has been very stable for a few weeks for me in Seniors hideaway and Rocking at the Dragons Lair.

However the same can not be said for other chatters in Seniors Hideaway. They get regular boots. I only wish they would post here? but as kakes has said its difficult to get them to do that.

I have been using Firefox as a browser and zeta and getting good results lately.

The boot rate has dropped to once or twice a week.

Regards from an overcast warm spring day in New Zealand.

  • Edited September 29, 2017 7:22 pm  by  edtNZ
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From: gunter


All we can do at this point is keeping an eye on it for more hints.

thanks for the reports ....