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Update Email Address   Account Maintenance

Started 8/17/17 by The CrAzEy LeMmInG; WooWoo (ROBERTJVAN); 3772 views.

Update Email Address

We have had trouble reaching you at the email address we have on file for you. Please update or confirm that this is the correct email address.
Email Address my email address

We'll only use your address to contact you about Delphi Forums and we won't expose it to other members.

I am getting email notices from one forum, but not another been happening since Monday. Got this message when I logged in to read a message from my forum I get notices from.
I get notices from this forum *LGV :) est 4/12/99 (Classic), but do not get them from this one *~*HOTLANTA*~* 445 new , 2 new to me.


From: gunter


When you log in, are you simply confirming the email address, that may fix it. 

We are seeing bounces, could be the notifications from Hotlanta. Check your spam and trash folders to see if they are ending up there. If you have any old email from there also mark them not spam.  Is it possible you marked something from there as spam?

In reply toRe: msg 2
Got this notice, changed email to other then saved it yesterday then changed back to original. All ready check spam and trash I do that every day none get there.

From: gunter


I'll try sending you a couple of emails to see what happens.

In reply toRe: msg 4
Got this one too! Not sure whats up.
In reply toRe: msg 5

Got a strange email from you with that last one, came in the in box with no Link.
Today at 9:17 AM

The following message was sent to you by GUNTER while at * on Delphi Forums:
This is from Hotlanta

If you wish to prevent other Delphi Forums members from sending you messages like this one, click here, log in, then scroll down to "Member to Member Email" de-select the checkbox and click the "Submit" button.

You are receiving this message as a member of Delphi Forums. If you wish to permanently cancel your Delphi Forums membership, click here, log in, then scroll down to "Account Status" and use the checkbox to cancel your account.

If your email address was used without permission, please forward this message to along with a message informing us of this fact and we will remove your address from this account.

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From: gunter


Is it just that one, I sent three total.

In reply toRe: msg 6
the last posting for you, some reason it posted to ALL. Did not have the option to post to:. Logged back in and seams OK now.
In reply toRe: msg 7

Did not get three YET I'll check again. None yet, got one from the system:
Today at 9:27 AM

Thanks for taking the time to update the email address associated with your ROBERTJVAN account on Delphi Forums.

We use your email address to let you know when somebody posts a message addressed to you, or sends you a message through your member profile. You can deactivate these notifications from your My Preferences page. Also, we'll occasionally email you about Delphi Forums news and information.

Thanks for being a member of Delphi Forums.
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You are receiving this message as a member of Delphi Forums. If you wish to cancel your account, log in with your ROBERTJVAN account to your My Preferences page, scroll to the Account Status section, and click the Close Account button.


From: gunter


The CrAzEy LeMmInG (ROBERTJVAN) said:

Thanks for taking the time to update the email address

Ok, that cleared things at this end. Let us know if you get the warning on your next login and if it's still not working for Hotlanta with new messages.