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Update Email Address   Account Maintenance


From: gunter


The Zookeeper™ (B0UNTYMAN) said:

There's always tomorrow! :)

Did you have to mention that.

Sorry, it seems I've been blessed with an overabundance of pessimism this week. Vergib mir! :)
i have received the same update email address in login. i agreed with it. i have received no email notifications today and have had 50+ posts.
spam is empty and trash is full of yesterday;s trash.
i went to my Preferences and updated my email notifications and nothing has happened.

From: gunter


It seems all mail to you is bouncing.  I'll send some test messages to see if there is an indication why.

i have received no email from Delphi at all. i also got that message they couldn't reach me at my email-which others are reaching me just fine at

From: gunter


Still nothing? You may need to check with your provide to see if they're blocking

I'll check with tech as well.

  • Edited August 31, 2017 8:19 pm  by  gunter
i got my five messages from Shorty in The Bus Forum.
did not get this message till i logged in
looks like i have some others too

From: gunter


good, may have been a temporary snag ...

i have 22 notices today, all current, got this one among them.
yesterday i got some with the previous day's date and expired.
Looks like the snag is over for now, thanks
Jill (Jillmking)

From: Jill (Jillmking)


Hello, I'm not sure I'm in the right place but I have some questions about how to manage my account. I just opened my account on September 6th and I got an email that there was a way to manage my contacts and the forums that I'm posting in. I've posted in several forums already mostly in the new to September 2017 forum but when I look in my profile that forum doesn't come up in my recently visited list of forums. And I'm not sure if there's some type of address book for managing contacts. I'm assuming the contacts are people I've been posting to and who have been posting back to me. I would really like to keep track of these contacts because I'm getting so much support from them. Any assistance I could get would be great. Thank you so much.