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Delete old private messages   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 10/11/17 by lm2015; 344 views.

From: lm2015


I have several PM's that I want to delete from 2015.  No matter what I do they won't go away.  I don't see any icon that gives me the delete choice.

Any help.  It's annoying.

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From: gunter


Are you doing this from the Inbox tab on MyForums:

There should be X Delete on the right side of the PM?

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From: lm2015


I go into private messages.  There are old ones from 2015 that I cannot delete.

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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


There are two ways to access Private Messages

When you do from your Profile's inbox tab are the Reply and Delete options missing?

If they are it could be that something in one of the messages (such as a super long subject line) is messing things up. You can correct that using either Firefox or Internet Explorer and these instructions.

Go to View up at the top of your screen where File Edit View etc are and then look for Style or Page Style (one's IE the other Firefox, or are you using some other browser?) and choose no style. It will reload the page without frames and you can scroll down to find the message and Edit/ Delete
Thanks to Peter (LINDISFARNE)

After you have deleted the messages you can go back to View - Page Style and choose Basic Page/Default Style

If you have neither of those browsers but that is indeed the problem (missing Reply/Delete options) let me know which browsers you do have and I'll see if I can work something else out.