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Not on DelphiPlus   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 10/30/17 by Marlene MsLainy (ms_lainy); 351 views.

I have been a plus member for years, I just recently came back to get my forum fixed after the photobucket mess, now I an being treated like I'm a basic member, sigs won't load right, things in my forum won't work right (especially the drop down list of like forums) I was just recently told I am a basic member....why am I and always have paid for Plus?

What can I do to straighten this out?

Thank you...

Marlene of Memed Melange

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Log out and close/reopen your browser. Something odd must have loaded. I see all your Plus features working fine. 

If you use a bookmark to arrive that might need updating. So if you see things wonky again log out and type into your browser then log in from that home page.