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Transferring Forum Ownership   Forum Management

Started Nov-3 by Mtn_Rose (TalithaLea); 886 views.

Hello there.

I have sent a few emails to requesting that my forum be transferred from one of my accounts to another. My previous account was Mtn_Rose (Which was deleted after the beginning of this month when it became basic). The account I would like to transfer the forum to is TalithaLea. The forum in question is here:

I have a ScreenShot of the email sent, if you are in need of it, and I can prove that I am the owner of both accounts.

Thank You!

Mtn_Rose, AKA TalithaLea


From: gunter


Mtn_Rose (TalithaLea) said:


Tech will have to take a look, the forum is still partially stuck in Premium though Mtn_Rose has been off DelphiPlus for a month, preventing a transfer to a DelphiBasic member.   Please stay tuned.

The address hould be, which may be why we didn't see your email.


From: gunter


... the transfer is all set now.

In reply toRe: msg 3

Gunter, thank you all very much. Kid came over and let me know, and yes, I can access controls and what not. :) Thanks again!