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Information on my Delphi Extra payment   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 11/9/17 by FredB33; 550 views.

From: FredB33


Hi everyone...

I am enjoying my 30-day trial of Delphi Extra, and I would like to pay my 19.95 before my trial expires on December 3, so I can enjoy 1 full year of glorious ad-free forum browsing.

1. Do you accept money orders?

2. If I want to pay in advance, what is Delphi's address?

3. When will my 1 year of Delphi Extra happen when I pay in advance?

I think Delphi Extra is the best thing that happened to Delphi Forums, it is affordable and easy.  I hope I can get answers to my current questions soon.  Thanks...


From: WaltHowe


As now set, your credit or debit card will automatically be charged on 3 December. If you do not want it to charge, you need to turn off automatic renewal. 

We do not accept mail order or check payment. The only options are credit or debit card and PayPal. You can substitute a gift card purchased for the purpose instead of a regular debit card, if you wish.

I hope this helps!


From: FredB33


So that means I only have to pay my credit card...

And does that mean I can have a full year of Delphi Extra?

I already paid for Delphi Extra using my credit card by signing up on 11/3, so do I have to use my card again?

And what happens when my 30-day trial expires?  Remember, I paid for Delphi Extra on 11/3...


From: gunter


You didn't pay on Nov 13, you signed up then and got a free trial month. The system will not actually charge your card until December that's when your paid year of DelphiExtra starts.