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Not receiving e mail notices   Account Maintenance

Started Nov-17 by bankielass (irenek4); 747 views.

I have not been getting my e mail from Delphi for the last 2 days.


From: Cstar1


Check in your spam or trash folders, and add to  your address book. 

In reply toRe: msg 2

They are not going to my spam folder. This happened before. The fault is with Delphi


From: WaltHowe


We have been getting bounces from your mail provider. 

That's strange. I'll check it out. I am getting al my other e mail.

In reply toRe: msg 5

I've just checked with my server and there is no reason at my end for your e mail not to reach me. As well as that I am also getting adverts and my personal logo has gone from my posts. 


From: gunter


Are you all set now after you signed up with paypal?

Also add to your address book, that should help with getting notifications.

In reply toRe: msg 7

Yes Gunter. I would have thought they would have let me know by e mail that they couldn't deduct the payment for my renewal. I've been a paying member for years. I had a my visa changed about 6 months ago because of an unauthorised debit from a company I had never heard of and that's why Delphi couldn't get their payment. I didn't realise that my renewal was due. All's well that ends well. Thank you.