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No mail again   Account Maintenance

Started 11/23/17 by Bankielass (irenek4); 3825 views.

This morning I thought it was odd when I did not see any notifications from Delphi in my email. Not that I'm super popular (har har) but I have so many subscriptions there is actually SOMETHING there. A couple of hours later I noticed emails from Delphi so never gave it another thought.

Just now I logged in gmail on a computer and see 5 messages in my spam folder from Delphi. 3 are subscription notifications and 2 are posts To Me. I see no difference between these and the ones that came in prior or after this group (Time stamped between 6:58 and 7:22 am Eastern this morning)


From: WaltHowe


We have no way of knowing why your mail software is designating some mail as spam and not others. Look for an option for the valid messages in the spam folder to mark them as not spam and return them to your inbox.  That may prevent it from recurring again

Hi Walt 

Gunter (and I) often suggest gmail as it rarely has problems with mail from Delphi. I was just giving him a heads up that it had a minor hiccup this morning.