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You didn't accept my credit card, and you didn't even tell me before you put me    Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 12/1/17 by OLTLfan; 490 views.

From: OLTLfan



I had a free month of DelphiExtra and I really enjoyed it.  When it was time to pay; I gave the number of my Scotiabank Mastercard.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this card; this payment should have been accepted.  I am a Canadian and I don't have a zip code; I have a postal code.  That is a ridiculous reason not to use my credit card.  I will have to find another way to pay.  You know that I am willing to pay.  Why did you put me back to Basic without telling me or even answering my post?  That wasn't very nice.  At least have the decency to talk to me about payment.


Catherine Climpson


From: WaltHowe


I believe we did answer a previous query from you. When a bank rejects a charge, they never give us reasons. It is not because you use a different form of postal code than the US zip code. We work with other countries all the time, and other postal codes can work fine. I reset your account to try to charge again. If the charge fails again, and it probably will, call your bank and ask then why they are rejecting the charge. We will try it four days in a row, as we did before. 

When a charge fails, we post you a login notice. You need to log in to see the notices.