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HELP with Manage Files!!   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 12/11/17 by The CrAzEy LeMmInG; V-day is coming! (ROBERTJVAN); 476 views.
Not sure if there a FAQ for this if I have much spaces still available I want too start using it more, some files are there but No idea what still there! Thanks for anyhelp.

From: gunter


When you click on the Files tab on MyForums, and then on any folder name, it shows the name and size of the file. Click on an image name to see what it is.

There is no easy way to see how much of your 100 Meg DelphiPlus limit you've used, the individual files need to added up, but as long as you can add files, you're ok?.

Red x next to the file name lets you delete to make room. 

let us know how it goes ...