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Size of my posts   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 1/4/18 by Happy & Holy Christmas to all (romcat213); 607 views.

I got on my computer this morning and the posts were so very large.  How do Iget back to my regular size posts?

Thank you.

Eugenie Romps

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Happy New Year! If you did not make any intentional change try closing and reopening your browser. Cached files can sometimes act up. If that does not help perhaps something from below will.

If the entire webpage is too large, on your keyboard press Control (Ctrl) and 0 (zero) at the same time. Once the page shows at "normal" size you can increase it gradually by pressing Control and the plus sign + key. Each time you press that combination it will increase. Control and minus - will decrease it.

If it is only the fonts inside of posts on Delphi that are too large you can change you default size by one of these methods:

On Classic forums the Text Adjustment is at the bottom under the last post in your view


On Zeta the Font size adjustment is an icon at the top and to the right of the posts

Thank you for your help.  Ctrl 0 seemed to help.

Happy New Year...