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forum coughing up old christmas tags   Editor Help

Started 1/21/18 by Bette O (boblak); 1487 views.
This is elleng4044, and in response here, I got notified at "new forum messages" that I had a message at BetteO's forum, clicked, and got "old":-) tags from last month.....I am not getting email notifications for these (so far) just when on Delphi. I might add I am receiving messages I never received in the past at all, when I go to save these sig/tags they are not duplicates:-) so "how confusing is this":-) if you have any questions for me just get back with me.....maybe I can answer them.
Thanks for all your help gunter!!! appreciate it:-)

From: gunter


Seems opening the folder triggered this. 

Good It's not email notifications as well.