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Not getting any notifications   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Jan-24 by Cathy (237cats); 642 views.
Cathy (237cats)

From: Cathy (237cats)


I am a artist at The Gardens and my name is Cathy(237cats). I put up several offers yesterday and I and not getting any notifications of people wanting my sigs. I checked this morning and there are quite a few.

From: gunter


Not seeing general problems with notifications right now. I also do not see any bounces  from your address. 

some things to look at:

Look in your Preferences, making sure No is not checked next to Email Notifications.

Check your trash/spam folders to see if they are ending up there. 

Add to your address book.

Experiment by temporarily switching to another email address in Preferences.

I'll send you two test mailings, let me know if they arrive.

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Cathy (237cats)

From: Cathy (237cats)


Thank you gunter.
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Just today, not getting notifications, and was getting them just fine
Checked all the items and made sure preferences was set.
would like them back, please...

From: gunter

8:36 PM

I see some email bouncing. Have you logged out lately? When you log back in there should be a note to confirm your address. Let us know if that fixes thing for you.