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I am SOOO Pissed Off   Feedback & Wishlist

Started 1/25/18 by Zerich; 2989 views.

From: JZBelle


I should tell you that "some" times it will go to the post I should be reading -- like it did just now on one; but more than none that just is not happening -- as of 2 days ago.

  • Edited January 27, 2018 5:12 pm  by  JZBelle
JayJ (XJayJX)

From: JayJ (XJayJX)


It all sucks. It's no wonder new people do not want to come here. The few I have at one time asked to join have told me it is just too complicated and they have left.

As for this newest damage... Did anyone stop to think that some of our conversaitions parts that might need to be saved or want to be saved? Oh No, it's delete all, or nothing. and you can't go through the entire conversation to even take out things you might have wanted to keep.

I'm about at the end of my dealings here and I never thought I would say that.

Too many bad fixes, and no good ones.

Add to that that most of everyones chat rooms are completely dead... so at that point, what's the point?

Promises with no back up

JZBelle said:

Just now, when clicking on the link in my notification for your post -- it took me to Zerich's #6 post. In the past, it would have taken me to your post that I'm answering now.

To be clear you mean the EMAILED notification, yes? I just clicked on a email notification for the 15th message in this post and it took me to that message without scrolling past this the 2 from you. Can you please reply back and confirm you mean the emailed notification. Please and thank you.

 The ones in the top strip (the screen that pops up on Zeta forums) and on the My Forums page never have for me. It's why I have to do a search on forums like yours where messages to me a quickly buried in a flood of others.

JayJ (XJayJX) said:

It all sucks

Sorry you feel that way, but thanks for the feed back.


From: JZBelle


Well, make a liar out of me - because this one did come in to your post.  Yes, I meant the email one from Delphi as well as when going to the top of the mage and clicking from inside there.

It doesn't matter Kid.  It's a Delphi thing.  I'll just keep looking until I find the right post - at least what I think is the right one.  It's just different, and since the pm stuff happened, proabably will be that was from now on.

Please know I am not disbelieving you and would never call or make you out to be a liar. My experience just is not reflecting the same thing. I'm still arriving directly to messages when I use an emailed notification (mind you they are not LONG discussions but there are at least a few posts being skipped) and not when I use one of the Message To Me links on Delphi, and that is the way it has always worked for me.

Tip - when you are looking for a message to you on the forum use Advanced Search and set up the parameters to reflect the best time frame.

**Sometimes when there is a surprise change on the forums we start seeing other changes. I have gotten caught up this way before as well.


From: JZBelle


Thanks Kid, and I know you wouldn't.  It actually is better today, there have been a few that have "passed Go" and gone direct (smile).  Others, as they've been doing - landing anyplace in the thread (LOL).  I figure it out eventually.  I do use the advanced search a lot.  I've found though when making a post one day, it will not show up until the next day.  It's always been that way for me.

JZBelle said:

I do use the advanced search a lot. I've found though when making a post one day, it will not show up until the next day. It's always been that way for me.

I think that's the same for all.


From: JZBelle


One thing with Delphi - it's a matter of finding out what "will" work.

Well I have pretty much made that my life's work... lol lol lol