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What is going on? - New Inbox/PMs   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 1/25/18 by JZBelle; 6195 views.
Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


I guess I am behind.. My last thought on it would be this. Instead of an x by each message, it would be nice to have a empty box beside all messages in the conversation, then a "select all" button that selects all the empty boxes, then we could manually uncheck the ones we want to keep, and hit a delete button. That's how GMail and Yahoo mail work, and my online spam catcher. I do use PM's for later reference, so many I do keep. Just wishing. Thanks Gunter.

From: gunter


Crow (crowhaven200) said:

"select all" button that selects all the empty boxes,

suggestion noted, thanks ...

Risa (Risa25) said:

Please CC anything you like--but if I am CC'd, the message appears in my inbox but I get a red "Error in attempting to delete" message and it stays stuck there.

Undeleteing Notifications has now been fixed!

Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25)


It's gone! YAAAAAAAAY!! Now how about my missing messages lol

From: Cstar1


Working on it. We have some testing to do. 

Crow (crowhaven200) said:

I only have x's to delete on some of the messages in the conversation

My million Xs wish may have been granted! Check your conversations are they all Xable?

Are they back?

i see a ton of new ones in mine. You can have them if you like lol

Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


I think they all have x's now. I am still wishing for unchecked boxes, and a button to select all, then I can uncheck those I want to save. ;o)
edit: Beggars can't be choosers. At least I can delete individual messages and keep others.