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I hate it!   Feedback & Wishlist

Started 1/25/18 by Paula (PaulaS44); 9474 views.
Paula (PaulaS44)

From: Paula (PaulaS44)


See the post above Cstar. post # 30

From: Cstar1


There's nothing to forgive, Paula, you were fine. :)

In reply toRe: msg 29
RedBV said:

Bottom line the ability to delete entire PM conversations could have easily been added to the old PM format . . . not unlike being able to delete entire conversations in the forums . . . i.e a pop up of "manage discussion" . . . frankly you know that as well as I do . . .

Actually the only thing I do know is that PMs and forum messages (posts) are different. I know sudden change is difficult and many are not going to like it.


From: RedBV


Not when it comes to setting up a pop up to manage discussion . . .

As have more or less pointed out - this is nothing more than another change building on the zeta style/platform format . . .

Anyway . . .

In reply toRe: msg 34
RedBV said:

another change building on the zeta style/platform format . . .

Yes, with that I agree.

JayJ (XJayJX)

From: JayJ (XJayJX)


thinking more and more about this-- most people would have no reason to need to or want to save chat pms... yet most have good reasons to want to save some or all of a pm conversation - I have to agree that somehow they could have separated the two things.

I have been to other chat places and none of the pms have ever had to be deleted or cleared.

Yet if a pm is sent through the persons profile, there is that choice to save or delete.

The sad thing is that most of us have preferred the classic format.

Just an opinion being sent... no questions-no reply necessary

The PM section is not Classic or Zeta, Classic and Zeta refer to forum formats. Just wanted to clear that up.

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


Kid (Kidmagnet) said:

The PM section is not Classic or Zeta, Classic and Zeta refer to forum formats.

The PM from chat never got saved untill Zeta chat. Because private messages in chat are "live" I don't think there is a reason for most chat PM's to save them. It is a private chat more than a private message to someone who may or may not be online at that time.

I totally agree with not saving chat PMs. 

I wonder if there are some that do want them though? I am surprised that people prefer the old PM method where each message is saved separately. 

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


I like to have the text I  reply to visible when I type a reply, the way it is now. 

I sometimes got a reply long after I posted a PM to someone and it is nice to see what I posted to the person when I read the reply. Before I had to search the sent messages to look for my PM.