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Page not Redirecting Properly   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 1/26/18 by kenntak7; 840 views.

From: kenntak7


I have been accessing the forums for years through Firefox, without any problems, until a couple of days ago. I can get to the main page, and this forum, but when I try to go to my game forums I receive an error message stating that "the page isn't redirecting properly." I have set my browser to accept cookies, and disabled my cookie app, but it still does not work. This has happened to only two sites that I frequent, and this is site is one of them. I do not know how to fix this.

Log out and close all tabs you have delphi on I'd clear my cache if I was not worried about losing info on other tabs. Open a new tab and type in to the address bar. Log in from the main page and see if you can access forums off your My Forums page.

If that works dumb any bookmark for Delphi that is not a clean and simple one.


From: kenntak7


Thank you Kidmagnet, that worked! :)