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New PM section graphic   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 1/27/18 by potentially plausible (Kidmagnet); 2749 views.

From what I understand - as long as it works it's not going anywhere.

If you need any more help with this or have additional feed back please post. Oh and keep checking back, this does not seem to be the final product yet.

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Post #2 in this discussion has been updated to add this graphic reflecting the "Remove Single Message" option


From: Kakes2


Hi Kid, thanks for the graphic.  I went to check this out on my In box.  I opened a few of my conversations and noticed not every box has an  "x" in it to delete.  I tried to see if there was a cut off date for messages with no "x" but it was not consistent.  Is there a reason for this?  Thank you :)

I dunno but I see it too and when I delete some others get Xs. 

OH There is consistency (thank goodness - inconsistencies in programming are usually intentional... Ohhh Intentional Inconsistency would make an AWESOME nickname!)

So - I'm guessing in each case you have ten messages with an X and the rest are without. When you delete one with an X one without gets it!

@gunter  Can Tech make that a higher number, like a million? (ok not a million but I figured ASK HIGH and we can barter our way to a compromise)

See Kakes - see why I love these buggy upgrades! How fun was that!


From: Kakes2


LOL I love the fact that you test them out and find the same things and more than us "mere mortals"  do  LOL
Oh for goodness sake , they only assigned the "x" to show on 10 messages in a conversation??  Who thinks up these parameters?  I have one conversation that has 150 messages.  Thank you for asking for an increase in the number of "x" they can give out.  Amazing , and to think when I was part of the work force our work ethic moto was  "Do it right the first time!"  ....  Happy you love the buggies  LOL

I know - but I would be so sad... what would I do? Idle hands you know...


From: Kakes2


LOL I'm sure something else would pop up ;)

You should have all messages Xable now can you confirm?