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New PM section graphic   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 1/27/18 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 3432 views.
In reply toRe: msg 2

Post #2 in this discussion has been updated to add this graphic reflecting the "Remove Single Message" option


From: Kakes2


Hi Kid, thanks for the graphic.  I went to check this out on my In box.  I opened a few of my conversations and noticed not every box has an  "x" in it to delete.  I tried to see if there was a cut off date for messages with no "x" but it was not consistent.  Is there a reason for this?  Thank you :)

I dunno but I see it too and when I delete some others get Xs. 

OH There is consistency (thank goodness - inconsistencies in programming are usually intentional... Ohhh Intentional Inconsistency would make an AWESOME nickname!)

So - I'm guessing in each case you have ten messages with an X and the rest are without. When you delete one with an X one without gets it!

@gunter  Can Tech make that a higher number, like a million? (ok not a million but I figured ASK HIGH and we can barter our way to a compromise)

See Kakes - see why I love these buggy upgrades! How fun was that!


From: Kakes2


LOL I love the fact that you test them out and find the same things and more than us "mere mortals"  do  LOL
Oh for goodness sake , they only assigned the "x" to show on 10 messages in a conversation??  Who thinks up these parameters?  I have one conversation that has 150 messages.  Thank you for asking for an increase in the number of "x" they can give out.  Amazing , and to think when I was part of the work force our work ethic moto was  "Do it right the first time!"  ....  Happy you love the buggies  LOL

I know - but I would be so sad... what would I do? Idle hands you know...


From: Kakes2


LOL I'm sure something else would pop up ;)

You should have all messages Xable now can you confirm?


From: Kakes2


HI Kid, thanks for letting me know.  Confirmed , check the 3 largest conversations I have and they each box has an "x" :) 

Ditto! Although I do not have any with a million, I'm guessing it is perhaps infinite. Hurray!

Oops I think something else was fixed but now I forget what it is lol OH I see tons more conversations (like a million maybe lol) so I am hoping those that had lost messages now have them back.