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Unable to delete PMs in my Inbox   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 2/24/18 by Andrea102; 833 views.
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From: Kakes2


Hi, I think my problem is related.  Just adding my issues hoping things will get fixed.  Today I sent a PM to  person through their Profile. I received a few responses from the same person and my "Inbox" shows 2 PMs.  I since have deleted the entire conversation but the Indicator " Private messages to me" still shows 2 messages.  Since then I received 2 more messages from someone else, so the indicator increased to 4 .... I read those messages and the indicator "Private messages to me" is back down to two again.  The original two conversations has been deleted but the indicator will not go away.  Now what?  Thank You

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From: gunter


Definitely the count isn't syncing depending on where you are. Next time around try logging in from our frontpage to see if that makes a difference.

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From: Kakes2


Ok thanks , guess I did not give you enough information.  I did logoff Delphi, shut down computer ,  restarted and logged back on from Delphi home page.  The count is still there ....  I am using Windows 7 , Firefox and chatting on a desktop.  Not sure if you need any other statics for this. 

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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


If it's possible to check with another browser try that - I have some odd caching issues with Firefox. A long shot but if the count is not off in another browser clear your cache on Firefox and it should reset.


From: Kakes2


Ok thanks Kid, I will try that.