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Notification Hiccups   Account Maintenance

Started 3/6/18 by krathyn1 (Phantom7031); 1166 views.
I am set to receive notification of posts to me via email.
Sometimes, they come about the time the post is written, and i go and answer the post.
Sometimes, they don't come until much later, making me think there is a post to me at that time when i have answered it already.
Sometimes they don't come at all.
I think Delphi has the hiccups!
Last time i did not receive notifications for a couple days my ISP was messing with my email service but that is not the case this time.
Can hiccups be cured?
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


It could still be your email provider. Do you login via the web to access your email? When I used my Internet Provider's supplied email address and Outlook Express I had no idea there were junk folders on the web version I never saw on my computer. Now a day I only use web mail (gmail) and login on my browser. Gmail is one of the better ones for not over filtering your mail, I have all relevant Delphi addresses in my address book and yet I still find notifications in my spam folder every now and then.


From: WaltHowe


People think of email as instant, but it really isn't. It can get held up at any stepĀ as it relays along the way. The problem is not necessarily at the beginning or end, but it can be in the middle, too. Sometimes, if traffic is too busy at some point on the way, email will get pushed into a queue before it is released again to go on its way.

In the very early Internet days, email sent through Bitnet (an IBM network) could be watched as it slowly proceeded from one station to the next along the way. Those days are long gone, but there still can be unexpected and unexplained interruptions at any time.

i have a gmail email i could switch to.
don't know what is up.
Neither of these from this forum were in Notifications on this morning but there were a whole bunch of hiccups from last night that i answered last evening, it reminds me of what happens when you approve moderation in a forum and the posts come out looking like they were written when the moderation was approved rather than when they were written.
interesting, i never thought of that but have had the ISP provider say it was too busy to send an email or open some of them.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


krathyn (Phantom7031) said:

i have a gmail email i could switch to.

You could - it's a new step in your day though but it's easy enough to switch to on your Preference page. I keep gmail open on one tab and Delphi on another.

You email provider might be updating filters or something and that is slowing things down or like Walt mentioned it could be hitting something else along the way. Nothing is very direct we're just so used to fast service we tend to forget that.

yes i did change to gmail but still getting what i call hiccups, and having to just come to Delphi to find out if anyone has posted to me.
Last night i was totally without internet for a few hours and called my ISP and they did some shenanigans and fixed it, don't really know what the problem is.
This morning i got One notification in gmail from a person who generally posts to me about 10 times at once so i knew it was another hiccup.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


krathyn (Phantom7031) said:

Last night i was totally without internet for a few hours and called my ISP and they did some shenanigans and fixed it,

Weird - I wonder if they did indeed "fix it" I can see if they are having problems with speed, notifications being delayed but not lost.

If you are still using gmail - add to your contacts and check your Spam folder periodically. If you do find any in there you can open it and mark it NOT SPAM at the top. Only do that with legit emails obviously lol

will do and will check.