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Recent activity you may have missed   General Information

Started 5/17/18 by FortCollinsSteve (Slappy80528); 457 views.

So now I am getting emails that say "Recent activity you may have missed". I cannot find anywhere to unsubscribe from it. Any ideas? I get enough email as it it and am tired of companies sending me reminders all the time.




From: gunter


I think this happens when you haven't visited for a while. Don't have a copy to check right now, but the bottom of the mailing should have info on stopping the mailing.  As opposed to subscriptions to posts or Member to Member Email set in Preferences , these type of mailings are part of your membership in Delphi Forums and can only be stopped by closing your account.

In reply toRe: msg 2

According to the email the only way to stop it is to close my account. Weird that I have never gotten one before. I hadn't been on in five days. I've been off it for weeks before and never gotten those. I hope it doesn't continue as I said I am tired of companies always sending reminders or unsubscribe-able newsletters.

Thanks though..Steve

I usually only get it after months of not being on. I have several accounts here and if I log on briefly with one after a long time that seems to trigger them. If you have a second account - might that be the one that received the notice?