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password problems   Account Maintenance

Started 5/18/18 by JustBreathe (satori03); 638 views.
so i had forgotten my password and clicked the I forgot. they sent me a new password by e-mail and i clicked back into delphi through that e-mail. i clicked on my preferences and then clicked on change password. Filled all the info in and clicked submit...nothing happened

From: gunter


Not clear - you logged in with the new password first, that's what you need to do? Type in passwords, do not copy/paste.

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ok..let me try that..thank you
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I also can't change my password.  I got a temp pw via email, I copied that temp pw into the pw change box type new pw (4 letters 1 symbol and 2 numbers) then retyped the new pw in the confirm section and I chcked the spelling of the new password both times.  I know I typed it right.  Why is it not accepted, I want to change my credit card info so I can pay for a new yr, but I also want to change my pw.


From: gunter


Are you first logging in with the new password?

Type in all passwords, do not copy/paste.