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Help with getting in.   Account Maintenance

Started May-25 by Ginny (1NativeAngel); 289 views.


SHOESOPTIONA has contacted me that she can't get into here acct.    She has been gone for a few weeks and now can't get in.   She can't even get in as a guest.  She need both Normal Used name and addy that was stored and in there with her password as she doesn't know if she is entering the correct name or mailing address.   She stated that she is paid till sometime in June. 

Thanks so much.

If she puts her name in and asks for a new password it will send it to the same email she receives her notifications at.  the new password will work and remind her that she can just continue using it as she was having problems changing it last time.

SHOESOPTIONA is the name she should be entering.


From: gunter


She can  email 

Deleting browsing history, rebooting, then logging in from our frontpage usually the first thing to try in cases like this.

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Thanks I will let her know.