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Finding all of my old posts in one forum   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 6/7/18 by Sandi (sandilynne); 609 views.
Sandi (sandilynne)

From: Sandi (sandilynne)


Hi .. I hope I selected the correct folder for this.  I want to find old posts of mine, that have specific information in them that I need now.  Being a DelphiPlus member, I am supposed to be able to look up old posts, no matter how old they are.  How?

Thank you,


Click on Advanced Search - From: ME - Updated From: Beginning of This Forum...then click on Search.

This is in a Classic Forum...I don't do Zeta.

Use the "Contains words" section to put in a word you know would be in that post.

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Sandi (sandilynne)

From: Sandi (sandilynne)


There is no need for anyone to comment any further on this thread. After testing dates, I have discovered that the host of the forum I am seeking my older posts in - had passed away in April, 2012. All posts prior to Jan 01, 2013, were deleted. They no longer exist. The forum I am speaking of, is one that I have visited periodically over the years, especially in 2011. None of my posts come up... in fact nobody's posts came up for any date prior to 1/1/2013. So, not sure what happened.

Thank you,

Actually Delphi archived posts - they should still come up but are usually after the recent ones even if you've asked the search to present them first. If it's nothing too personal you can PM the name of the forum and the keyword for the posts you are trying to find and I'll help.

Sandi (sandilynne)

From: Sandi (sandilynne)


I searched on my own computer and Dropbox acct in every single folder and eventually found what I was looking for in a very old post in Animal Spirit Guides .. I think I posted this article like 7 or 8 years ago. I couldn't find it no matter what I tried.. and then I tried to find anybody's post from those two years... No posts came up at all. That's what triggered me searching in every single folder on my computer and in my Dropbox. It was buried deep in one of my Dropbox folders. Thanks anyways!