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Billing hit twice?   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 6/9/18 by Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325); 832 views.

Hello WaltHowe, can you take a look at my account? It looks like I was hit twice for my subscription.

(While I I love Delphi, I just can't afford to pay twice scream)

Thank you, Cindy


From: WaltHowe


We will look into it and we will certainly refund one, if you were charged twice. Did you bank confirm two payments, or does it just look like two payments on your account record here? 

Thank you!

Both - my account here shows exp date 2019 then another 2020 and my checking account got 2 hits for the 49.50.

Thanx much!!!



From: WaltHowe


You were billed twice, once by PayPal and once separately to your credit card. We will gladly refund one of the two. It is your choice whether to refund to PayPal or directly to your card.

Here is what happened. You signed up for a 30-day free trial on 30 April. Then on 31 May you added a credit card to your account on Delphi. The credit card billing ran 45 minutes before PayPal paid us on June 1st. A quirk of the timing.

 Whichever you choose to refund, the other subscription will continue, with no double payment next year!

Technology is a wonderful thing LOL

I have no preference as to which is refunded - whichever is less work for you folks is fine with me. Thanx sooooo much!!!!

Cindy did you want to continue with your Paypal subscription to pay Delphi in the future? Or your credit card?

Paypal is fine. I think my debit is expiring before next renewal so it would save everyone the hassle if I left it as PayPal.

Just making sure you see this.