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Can't Paste -- "Because of your browser security setttings..." error   Editor Help

Started Jun-21 by z9y8x7; 259 views.

From: z9y8x7


Trying to paste from clipboard to a message as a basic member.  Click on paste icon and get popup window -- "Because of your browser security settings, you cannot paste directly...", to that effect.  Tells me to paste instead into the popup window and click ok.  I do this.  Pasted item shows up fine in the popup window, but when I click OK, it does not paste into the message.  Popup window disappears.

Try this several times with several different things from different sources pasted into clipboard.  Same results every time.

Error message does not give a clue as to what settings I can change to fix this.

Running the latest version of Firefox.

Please advise.


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From: gunter


What are you adding? 

Not familiar with the error but ..

You may be able to copy an image or text, right-click where you want it and pick Paste. Or copy, click in the message and press ctrl-v to paste.

Or drag and drop an image from your computer into a message.

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z9y8x7 said:

Running the latest version of Firefox.

Are you also using the RTE from Go Firefox?

>> Are you also using the RTE from Go Firefox? <<

Probably not. The ability to paste into a separate window is part of Delphi's editor, but is not in the RTE.


True - plus I have no idea anymore what my train of thought was!