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Can't Paste -- "Because of your browser security setttings..." error   Editor Help

Started 6/21/18 by Chris (z9y8x7); 1054 views.
Chris (z9y8x7)

From: Chris (z9y8x7)


Hi all, so now I'm a premium member, but pasting from Excel to Delphi (even via Word, even as an image) continues to be challenging.  If the Excel file is large (say greater than 30 rows), Delphi downsizes the image so it's smaller than I'd like, too small to read.  Meanwhile, it does not take up nearly as much horizontal space as is available.  I will post an example in my next post.

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Chris (z9y8x7)

From: Chris (z9y8x7)


Here's an example.  94 rows and unreadable because Delphi has resized it so much.  Yes, I could break it into multiple smaller images, but that is a hassle.


From: WaltHowe


To prevent the resizing, you would probably have to force text wrapping in those long right-hand cells.

The problem is that Delphi automatically resizes large images when they are uploaded from your computer so that they are no more than 400 pixels wide. So even though there is more horizontal room available on most screens, the image will still be narrow.

Since you are now a Premium member, you could upload the image to your Delphi web space, then use the editor option "Insert image from the web" to put the image in your post. That image should be much wider.

Another option is to save your Excel data as a PDF document, then upload the PDF file to your post.


Chris (z9y8x7)

From: Chris (z9y8x7)


Thanks.  Scrolling through the Delphi FAQ finally got me to how to upload that to my web space.  I was getting into web space until Yahoo! decided to discontinue GeoCities, well, what, 15 years ago? That crushed me.  They did not provide an easy way to download the pages and I finally lost everything.  Websites were not easy to create then.  I lost interest after those several hundred hours went down the drain!  Anyway, thanks for the tip, I got it posted.