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Ad Blocker message?   General Information

Started 6/29/18 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 616 views.

Is the "You appear to be using an ad blocker" message a new one? It's randomly appearing to some basic members. One says they see ads at the same time as the message, do not have an ad blocker and they are using Edge. Another is using Firefox and said the message was appearing one day and not the next, despite them not having changed anything.

Just thought it was odd behaviour.


From: gunter


I'll see if tech has any input.

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I meant to say these were on Zeta forums.

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OK just happened to me while not signed in (private browsing window) on Firefox. I have a screenshot and will PM you the link. You will know for sure it's mine - the file name contains a typo lol

I think the message comes from the ad supplier themselves. I've seen it on a few sites I've visited lately. You can click on "show me how to disable my ad-blocker for this site" or click on "continue on without disabling your ad-blocker".

From: gunter


It shows between messages, seen it recently as well ...

This one advertises Delphi’s paid memberships so it is coming from Delphi.