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Need help with Zeta discussions and refresh   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 6/29/18 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 285 views.

I do not know if this is a bug or not. This is the only busy Zeta forum I am on and I am there to mentor not read and post. Several members there have mention the forum's list of unread messages does not track messages as being read as they actually read them. They've also said they can click on a discussion and get dropped into the middle instead of the point where they left off (so they are seeing previously read by them messages)

In my screen shot below I can see a message I posted as being unread (Tech Help Questions Here) that I KNOW happens in other Zeta forums. I post, see my message but it remains as Unread until I view it again.

The second thing in this screenshot is in the Meet The Furry Family discussion. I did read the latest messages and reply and yet it shows them as unread, and again one is mine. I refreshed the list of discussions filter and it removes discussions I've read and that one Furry Family post because I was still viewing it when I hit referesh.

Is this how it works for all? Is it how is should be working? My advice to the forum goers was to hit that Refresh icon every few discussions to clear away threads they's seen. I know it seems a bit trivial - sounds that way even to me as I write that... but this forum is a very busy one and it is frustrating to try and participate in a lot of discussions when it keeps serving you repeats.


From: Cstar1


Thanks for the report. We'll have to do some experimenting.