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Constant Email Address Updates   Account Maintenance

Started 7/6/18 by Della (PeridotEyes); 228 views.
Della (PeridotEyes)

From: Della (PeridotEyes)


Nearly every day for the past 2 months I am prompted to update the email address that I use for Delphi. It is driving me crazy!
It is the correct email address that they're asking me about. My Plus account is paid in full automatically and always has been.

I've tried everything to stop this pop-up, to no avail. Is there a solution to stopping this?

Here is the email I receive every time I click the pop-up prompt to update--

"Thanks for taking the time to update the email address associated with your PeridotEyes account on Delphi Forums. We use your email address to let you know when somebody posts a message addressed to you, or sends you a message through your member profile. You can deactivate these notifications from your My Preferences page. Also, we'll occasionally email you about Delphi Forums news and information. Thanks for being a member of Delphi Forums.

Thanks for your help.


From: gunter


This happens when mail to you bounces. Some time ago you reported that mail was ending up in your spam folder, I suspect your email provider is rejecting mail now. You may need to check with them.

Are you receiving any notifications of messages to you?

Add to your address book.

If all fails, you may be better off switching to another provider such as gmail, seems to work best for many members.