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delphi NOT SECURE???   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 8/12/18 by GGmother-Ellen (elleng4044); 315 views.
I am being notified that Delphi is not secure......any comments.....I can't get on my rotator because of this.....what's happened???

From: gunter


Where, which page is giving you the warning?

Try logging in from our frontpage to see ifvit makes a difference.

You can safely bypass if there is a link on the page asking to proceed.

In reply toRe: msg 2
Well looking at it right now after doing what you said, the url says Not secure and then the url for this page and message.
The other problem is not Delphi's, it turns out that page NOT PART of Delphi, the owner needs to pay their bill, to put it nicely.
But back to the not secure thing, sometimes it says it is, other times it isn't ...I have two more tabs open and they say secure, this one says not.....hope that's somewhat helpful....thanks.

From: gunter


Tech has been working on getting everything on secure servers. Some items showing on otherwise secure pages still need to be dealt with. For instance, there may be an icon that's stored on a page not yet moved. 

hopefully not a problem in the meantime ...

In reply toRe: msg 4

Thanks so much, I am going to change my automatic link to a more recent one and see if that's helpful, glad to hear the people in charge of delphi are doing that ......thank You!