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Not able to get into forum   Account Maintenance

Started 8/12/18 by gunter; 247 views.

From: gunter


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freebird500     gunter (GUNTER)      11:36 am

Hey Gunter how ya doing today? Listen, I don't mean to stray off topic here & a thousand pardons but I didn't know how else to reach you, but I'm still not able to get on my forum as the host ever since my computer either crashed or was hacked into this past week. Walt delphi forums was kind enough to send me a password of which I used & I still wasn't able to get in to host my forum I can only get in as a guest & even then under a different membername. Whatever happened to my computer, I loss my entire gmail page which included the link to log into my forum. I had to create a new gmail & pretty much a new everything else. I think it was a pc windows attack that caused all this. I also loss all my watch history & subscritions on youtube as that's where I was when all this nonsense took place. Simply watching a youtube video. My cousin even tried to get into my forum with the password Walt provided & still nothing. And she's great with computers but lives on the other coast. We did it by phone & she believes the problem is in the password. After all this happened with my computer & we got it fixed, I created another forum with a different membername so I don't know if that has anything to do with this or not. I've since taken down the new forum though. That all said, do you have any suggestions that might be helpful?  And again, a thousand pardons for intruding on here, but like I said I didn't know how else to reach you. And thanks for all you do for ALL of us too.

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From: gunter


I see you're back now as freebird35 and in your forum.

sorry it took so long ...

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Freebird (freebird35)

From: Freebird (freebird35)


Thank ya so much for all the help. Me & my cousin typed in the password Walt sent me down to a TEE as God as my witness. Walt sent it to me today swearing up & down that it not only worked but he himself typed it in several times & got into the forum. So I gave it one more shot & it WORKED!!!  Then I went back to the message he sent me yesterday with that same password & I compared the two with each other & there was only one difference, the one he sent me today had a "e" in it to where the one he sent me last night didn't have that "e" & that's why me nor my cousin were able to get into the forum as host. Just file this one under OOOPS...  lol   I still have both passwords on my gmail by the way as I've yet to delete em. But on the bright side all's well that ends well as they say. The good news is, I'm able to stay on a forum I busted my carcass to keep up as this is a game that's 34 years old but it still to this day has stood the test of time!!!   Thank ya one & all for all the help because this wouldn't be possible had it not of been for all of you. You fellers N gals are simply THE BEST!!!!