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Constant login requests while on iOS   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 8/16/18 by Kid (Kidmagnet); 328 views.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Some of the members of The Midnight Castle on Delphi forum are being asked to login over and over while navigating the site.  

Details are here:

Do you see anything obvious I've missed? I've asked them to check bookmarks, cookie acceptance - I'm not sure what else could be causing this.


From: gunter


Sounds like members are ending up with the 'soft login' when they go elsewhere, coming back shows that soft login so they can read but acts like posting require the full login. Don't know why that happens.

Are the opening tabs, does opening a new tab to go elsewhere keep the original tab fully logged in?

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Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


Yes, I do. 

First part of soft log on... which appears to be read only  for thread posts, shows up with me being logged on.

If I try to reply to a post, , takes me to log on , and then it takes be away from the post to elsewhere on the forum.

If I do as Auntie Roo, go to read my personal messages, whether I have one or not, takes me to log on , then proceed to forum threads, I can post reply, and does not take me elsewhere on forum.

If I then start new tab, say read about new Apple products, go back to forum, goes back to soft log on.

all this logging on seems to have me to over 2,000 visits.

will observe if this happens if I stay on forum only,  But it appears if on soft log on, when I just read posts, go away, come back, it counts that as 2 visits.

as I said, will try to be more observant on that aspect. Does not appear to happen on other forums I visit, although they don’t post number of visits you make.

this includes old BFG forum , Pond Friends, Finish Your Games.

I thought it was end user error, so easy fix... as others post multiple times, some daily and their daily visits are not as high as mine.

thank you for any assistance tulip


From: gunter


Thanks for the details, I'll pass this on to tech.

sorry this isn't working smoothly ...