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Changing user name   Account Maintenance

Started 9/6/18 by John (N8165P) (N8165P); 298 views.

Is it possible to change my user name? If so, how? I can't seem to do it through my profile or my preferences. My name has an N number in parentheses that is no longer valid, and I'd like to delete that or change my name completely. Any help would be appreciated!


From: gunter


Only way to change that is to open a new account from scratch. If you want to use the same email address, first change the address on record for your current account in Preferences on MyForums, which releases the original for re-use. Good way to make the change is to add a NOT to your email domain, like

let us know how it goes ...

In reply toRe: msg 2

Thanks, Gunter. I'll give that a try. However, will that screw up my membership status, which I just paid for?


From: WaltHowe


Actually, you haven't paid for the membership yet. You are on a 30-day free trial, and you can cancel without paying any time before October 6th.

  • Edited September 6, 2018 6:17 pm  by  WaltHowe

Sounds good. Thanks Walt!