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Not Receivng:   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 9/10/18 by PamC (PamelaOH); 268 views.
PamC (PamelaOH)

From: PamC (PamelaOH)


eMail notifications from Delphi.  Can anyone within the Delphi System delete the email address I have there and re-enter it. I don't want to change my email address after all these years. I honestly don't have another I use. Thank you



From: gunter


I've done that and see this happened to you some time ago

and assume you did add to your address book or white list. You may need to check with your email provider to see why this happens.

It's easy to get a gmail address which seems to work best for most - lets you forward to your main address as well.

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PamC (PamelaOH)

From: PamC (PamelaOH)


Good Morning, I will add to my address book. I always get email responses when asking a question here but not from forums. My email provider says it has to be something going on with Delphi. This problem has been going on forever and I don't always post a problem here, every time it happens. It's frustrating ... Very !