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Service Outage Overnight Apr 22   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 4/22/19 by Stay in and Be Safe. (1NativeAngel); 1185 views.

I received a note from Shoesoptional and she stated she couldn't get in last night:

I can not get into Delphi even member services. Something came thru last night updating Microsoft and it now is obviously screwed up my info. Don't know but need to know from Member Services. Looks as if only reason for me getting in today as I left window browser and Delphi.


From: gunter


Tech reports an outage last night and is investigating.

We apologize for the service interruptions.

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Thanks Gunter.. will let her know.

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Had same going on this morning but all is fine now!
Thank you.
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Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


Gunter! Just an FYI, the website was also down during part of the service outage, if this helps Tech.
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IT WAS ACTUASLLY OUT FOR ME THE WHOLE DAY just not last night. Same with 2 other members from anytime.

From: gunter


It's possible the difference in USA time versus your location may explain when 'last night' was.  There were no problems during daytime here.