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Delphi not secure   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started May-13 by rosey (rosey58); 223 views.
rosey (rosey58)

From: rosey (rosey58)


I have a saved site, and when I come into delphi that way, it is secure, however, when I come in through an email to a post, I see - Not secure - delphiforums......

What can I do about this?

thanks for your help

The saved site you have uses HTTPS, the S standing for secure. When sends out a post notification to you the URL in that email starts with HTTP. The "secure" URL is usually used for banking and sites that need ultimate security.

What can you do about this? Not's up to Delphi Forums what transfer protocol they want to use. If you want to bypass the "not secure" notice...copy the notification url EX: and add an "s" that in a new tab and hit enter. That should bypass the "not secure".

rosey (rosey58)

From: rosey (rosey58)


Thanks so much for your prompt help.

I will do what you suggest.

take care

As an addendum here; I've been with Delphi Forums for almost 20 years and I've never read any complaints of members having any security problems here. The response you get "not secure" is a browser response because it reads http instead of https.

If you're using a Firefox browser there is a way to turn that off in about:config. I can give you instructions on how to do that if you get tired of the warning. I'm using the latest version of FF and I don't get the "not secure" warning.