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CStar1, RIP   General Information

Started 7/12/19 by gunter; 9572 views.

From: WaltHowe


Not at this point. She had a lot of forums, and in a quick check, I see no instructions from her. We will explore further and try to keep things going in the spirit she would have wanted.

I did take over the Delphi History forum, since I have been here longer than just about anybody (1984), and I am in Internet history buff, anyway.


From: Showtalk


That is a good idea.  You would be an awesome host there.  


From: Kidmagnet


She had some of the states forum and the galaxies one I think she was hosting for the still active original host... but you probably already know this lol


From: Kidmagnet


Did you have a specific forum you were concerned about?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


So sorry to hear about this.

My condolences go out to all at Delphi who knew her and called her a friend.

What starts as words on a screen typed by a stranger soon become a part of our daily lives.

We will likely never meet the people we talk to every day on Delphi - but that does not make the loss a virtual one.

RIP CStar.

Sorry to hear about CStar, she will surely be missed. My condolences to family and friends of her.

-We will likely never meet the people we talk to every day on Delphi - but that does not make the loss a virtual one.-

Well said. I've had the pleasure of hosting a motorcycle tech forum that's been passing around a yearly get-together location since the summer of 2001. Existential of that...there's an odd uniqueness about Internet connections here on Delphi Forums. Not your Facebook, Twitter or other social media experience. The bulk of the people here seem a bit more "grown up", sans the occasional troll. Props to Dan and the staff here for "keepin' it real"!

I agree with you about Delphi; it's my perfect social places, for the most part little drama, and it is a lot more "grown ", FB is mostly childish nonsense. Dan and the staff do a great job!