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Renewing service   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 8/22/19 by Auntie Rhi (AuntieRhi); 257 views.

I'm just curious as to why I didn't receive a note that my account didn't renew automatically.  And then when I did renew it tonight, it still wouldn't let me reinstate the chat...a simple email saying it's time to renew would have saved some hassle.


From: gunter


The system gives a notice when you log in, if you didn't log in while it was attempting the charge you would miss that. 

After signing up again you are on DelphiPlus immediately, may take logging out and back in again first, but forums don't catch up until the following morning after charges are processed.  Your chat options should be back now.

sorry that didn't work smoothly ...

In reply toRe: msg 2

Seems an email to the email address on file would be a courtesy. I logged in last Wednesday and did not see a notice.


From: gunter


Yes, Email would help. I see you logged in before the first charge attempt, the system tries four times.